Semi-Automatic Dough Divider and Rounder DM2


  • Divides and rounds with efficiency all types of doughs
  • Silent
  • Stainless stell cutting instrument
  • Balancing head for easy cleaning
  • Lubrification in oil bath
  • Saves time and flour


Technical Specifications

Specifications/Model DM 2-14 14 Unities DM 2-30 30 Unities DM 2-36 36 Unities
Power  1,1 Kw  1,1 Kw  1,1 Kw
Electric Supply  3/400 V  3/400 V  3/400 V
Motor Current  2,8 A  2,8 A  2,8 A
Dough Charge  1400-4200g  1200-4200g 1080-3600g
Piece Weight  100-300g  40-140g  30-100g
Net Weight  320Kg 320Kg 320Kg
Height  1380mm  1380mm  1380mm
Width  580mm  580mm 580mm
Length  520mm 520mm 520mm
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