Planetary Mixer Machine Electronically Controlled BME

Planetary Mixer Machine Electronically Controlled

The Planetary mixer machine electronically controled model BME, Maquindal, are useful for making pastry products such as milkshakes, creams and other desserts
They are sophisticated machines in which the tool rotates with two simultaneous movements, of rotation over itself and of translation along the perimeter of the bowl, like the movements of the planets around the sun.
Hence their designation “planetary”.

Change of speed by a simple touch on the panel

Given their versatility, this equipment serves both small and large pastry and bakery units as well as catering

The standard models are produced in treated steel sheet and painted in RAL9016 / 5010 colors. All components in contact with the product are manufactured in stainless steel AISI304

Our range of BM Planetary Mixers: BME20 OR BME20/10 and BME40 or BME40/20 and BME60 or BME60/30

Its main features are:

Continuous speed variation
Wide range of speed variation
Change of speed by a simple touch on the panel
Robust and perfect
Mixer, beater and kneader
The raising up and lowering down movement of the bowls are controlled by a lever
Stainless steel protection grid for the bowl
Available with the following accessories: (two capacities)
2 stainless steel bowls
2 food aluminum Flat beater (A)
2 Stainless steel wire whip (B)
2 stainless steel kneading hooks (C)

On request, machinery can be produced entirely in AISI304 stainless steel.

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