Dough Divider


  • Divides with efficiency all types of dough
  • Removeable stainless stell pan
  • Stainless stell cutting instrument
  • Balancing head for easy cleaning
  • Options for every models:
    • with basis (stand model)
    • without basis (table model)


Technical Specifications

Specifications/Model DMM30 DMM22 DMM12
Dough Charge (Maximum) 6000g 6000g 6000g
Piece Weight (Maximum) 200g 272g 500g
Net Weight (withot basis) 115Kg 115Kg 115Kg
Net Weight (withot basis) 245Kg 245Kg 245Kg
Height (with basis) (without basis) – 1360mm 550mm – 1360mm 550mm – 1360mm 550mm
Width 580mm 580mm 580mm
Lenght (with basis) (without basis) – 520mm 500mm – 520mm 500mm – 520mm 500mm
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