Automatic Dosing System Dam

The Water dosing sistem, Maquindal, allows dosing the quantity and temperature of water used in the various bakery and pastry doughs,
being very important for professional bakers.

Water, like any other ingredient used in the manufacture of a dough, must be properly quantified so that it does not affect the expected final result.

The main characteristics of a water dispenser are:

Water quantity programming, water quantity counting and instantaneous water temperature measurement (in ºC)

The n Water dispenser must be installed from 0.8 m. below the water cooler in order to guarantee sufficient flow since the pressure is guaranteed by the weight of the water column.
In case it is impossible to guarantee this water column, it is advisable to install a water pump next to the Water dispenser and connected to it. This pump starts to be controlled by the Dispenser thus guaranteeing a constant pressure.

This pump can be supplied as an optional accessory.

Another optional accessory is the mixer box, which, mounted at the entrance of the Doser, allows mixing water from two sources (eg: Refrigerator and water supplier).

Technical specifications available in the catalog below

Catalog below with technical specifications.

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