Baguete Moulder

The B3C 700 model is a machine used to produce baguettes and ideal for small, medium and
large bakeries. The machine sheets and then rolls the dough through 3 food-grade nylon
pressure cylinders which can be adjusted to the most suitable position using a lever which
slides along a scaled section.
When the cylinders are in the right position, they work the dough, crushing it to reduce the
hickness and then forward feed the product to a belt that rolls it up and feeds it between 2
opposed belts which gently and progressively refine it.
These two pressure belts are regulated by a dial with millimetre measurement indications.
The dough can be extended to a length of 700 mm. The hopper is easy to lift which makes
cleaning and scraping the cylinders quick and simple. The mechanical engineering of this
B3C 700 model makes it a highly robust machine which can deal with significantly high work
loads and also be used on an automatic processing line: for instance, it can be combined with
a pre-fermentation cell when pr ducing baguettes.
The machine can also be placed on a work bench or on a trolley with swivel wheels which
makes it easy to position.
B3C 700 is designed so that a motorised output belt can be installed on it (optional).

On request, machinery can be produced entirely in AISI304 stainless steel.

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