The company is dedicated to the production of machinery and equipment for the food industry, more specifically for the bakery and pastry industry (CAE Rev. 3 – 28930). The company develops a series of activities in relation to the productive cycle of this equipment, namely cutting, machining parts and components, sub-assembly and final assembly, as well as the preparation of paintwork and final paintwork. Other operations such as casting, laser cutting and bending are outsourced abroad. The design and manufacture of the company´s products comply with harmonized European standards:

  • NPENISO 12100-1/NPEN453/ ISO 13850/ ISO 13857/NPEN 349+A1/ IEC 60204-1:2009

The company also complies with the basic health and safety requirements set forth in Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / CE. In order to guarantee its products comply with specifications and in accordance with internal processes and the positive performance of the workforce, the company invests in the training of its human resources in the workplace. Maquindal does not possess an internal commercial structure and markets its products via a network of agents/distributors, thereby establishing a network of partners throughout the country and abroad. The company has striven to adapt and expand its range of products from its early days and currently offers: Baking equipment:

  • Manual dough divider (3 models, 2 options)
  • Semi-automatic dough divider rounder (2 versions, 6 models)
  • Automatic dough divider rounder (2 versions, 6 models)
  • Automatic Spiral kneading machine (10 models)
  • Water dispenser
  • Semi-automatic bread slicer (2 models, 6 options)
  • Roll forming machine (1 model)
  • Bread Grinder (2 models)

Pastry equipment:

  • Planetary mixer machine (3 models, 2 options)
  • Almond grinder
  • Dough sheeter (2 versions, 8 models)

All these products come with a guarantee covering manufacturing defects along one year of professional use, according to the legal norm (see Statement of Guarantee).