The company is managed by its four founding partners. The partners, thanks to their vast experience in the production of machinery and equipment for the food industry, have contributed to the development and innovation of this sector, the quality of their products being acknowledged on both the domestic and international markets. Their long track record enables them to define the company´s mission and vision, in addition to the values which guide their operation:  


The mission of Maquindal is the design, development, production and maintenance of equipment for the bakery and pastry industry, adapted to the needs of its customers and based on criteria of robustness, fair prices, and ease of use and maintenance, thereby striving to gain the satisfaction and loyalty of the company´s customers. The continuous improvement of its equipment and process productivity is regarded as the sustainable base of the company and the factor which ensures a return on investment and the well-being of its personnel.  


Maquindal´s goal is based on sustained growth, in search of new markets and customers as a means of rendering the company more independent of fluctuations and local crises. This goal in relation to growth is in accordance with the law and the human condition, and above all aims to secure gains in productivity to guarantee a financial return for the company, without compromising the quality of its products and services, the safety of its employees, the working environment, and the environment as a whole.


An analysis of the background of Maquindal and its standpoint with regard to the surrounding society enabled us to identify that which the Company regards as its values and which ensure Maquindal stands out against its competitors.

  • The structure of the human resources department is conducive to an atmosphere of openness, internal communication and the involvement of employees at all levels of the company´s activities and management.
  • Openness and responsiveness to the outside enabling the company to develop its equipment in accordance with the needs of its customers.
  • Relations established with employees, customers, suppliers and society in general, based on a foundation of respect, trust and mutual responsibility.


Company Quality Policy

The philosophy of work and the demand for Quality in Maquindal, are guided by the following lines:

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Maquindal seeks the satisfaction of its Clients to assure its respectability and survival as a company, seeking to make each Customer into its first seller.
  • Organizational Performance
    Maquindal organization is oriented outside, attentive to the suggestions of their clients, as well as market and competitors, looking for a relationship with Customers and Suppliers based on trust.
    This organization is also directed towards the interior, issuing clear and precise guidelines, generating motivation and commitment, and enhancing the involvement and creativity of its employees.
  • Product and Service Quality
    It’s Maquindal’s goal the production of bakery and pastry equipment which are characterized by their robustness, quality and fair price.
    To pursuit this objective the company seeks the continuous improvement of its products and processes, this improvement being understood as the technological evolution of its products and the productivity of its processes, thus seeking to reduce the impact on sales values for our Customers, maintaining the margins necessary for the satisfaction and survival of the Company.
  • Quality of Life
    Maquindal seeks to establish relationships with its personnel on the basis of mutual responsibility, focusing on internal training as a factor for the personal enrichment of its employees.
    The company believes that its overall improvement goals can only be achieved if it ensures the stability and safety of its employees contributing to the improvement of their quality of life, inside and outside their workplace.
  • Social Responsibility
    Maquindal, as the responsible company that it is, understands that its future development and survival depends on establishing respectful relationships with its employees, the environment and ensuring the support and development of the surrounding society.